Aren’t We Happy?

Aren’t we happy?


In my daily promenade

I saw a woman, wandering around

I ask her, what are you looking for?

She gazed at me with her forlorn eyes

And continued to her own way.


I was wondering where I was

In a land of wanderers

Or lost in nowhere.


I could see,

People ignorant to me

With their bodies

Burned by injustice

Trees dying of greed

And no breeze could cool

The heat of greed.


No one told me I was wrong

Choosing to be no one

And my hands crusted

With futility.


I have to continue my promenade

A daily chore with an obligation

I need to be healthy

Healthy and sound to watch tv

And listen to the news

And make myself up to date

To the cruelty happened to the whales

In the oceans

Or to the little boys and girls

Suffocating by poisoned gas.


Yes, I must be happy

And chat with many friends

All deaf and blind

But not me

I’m responsible,

Responsible to be no one

And do nothing.


Some say life in this world

Has been always strange

Strange and cruel

And funny too

And that’s my real world

Your real world as well

Or his and her.

But what’s the problem?

Aren’t we happy?

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