Let’s be hopeful




For people of Adleb


Let’s be hopeful


Who is following me

With a shadow

Spread from horizon to horizon.

A thunderstorm

Is blowing away

My dreams

All grey.


Someone is singing

A strange song

Someone is lamenting

For a lost love


I know the secret of colors

Hope is getting gray

When a little girl

Has nothing to be happy

Except the roaring of the falling bombs.


The spring is hidden behind a tree

And the breeze lamenting

Among the rubble.

The snow is ashamed of

Being a blanket

For desperate people



What happened to the dreams

Of the lost people

Wandering in nowhere

Who is going to give them

A piece of bread

And a chunk of hope


But I must be hopeful

And pray for a sparrow

Looking for his mate

Lost in nowhere

I am nobody.



Feb. 12. 2020

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